WSU students and the Everett Herald cover the anniversary of the mudslide in Darrington

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2015 BNC Dates and Information



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Commercial public records requests a revenue resource for agencies? By Alice Day, Reporter WNPA Olympia News Bureau-March 10, 2015 OLYMPIA—State and local agencies may charge a processing fee for public records sought for commercial purposes, under terms of a proposal considered by the 2015 Legislature. Critics, however, say the change would adversely affect records requests […]

The Newport Miner Sells

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P R E S S R E L E A S E NEWPORT, WASH. – For just the eighth time in its 127-year history, the newspaper business that includes The Newport Miner and Gem State Miner has changed hands. Fred and Susan Willenbrock announced sale of the publishing business they have owned for almost 30 […]

Editorial by Keven Graves, WNPA President

Keven Graves

Years ago, law enforcement agencies, including those in Island County, routinely released mugshots of suspects accused of serious crimes. Newspapers published those mugshots with articles to keep the public informed. It was a system that wasn’t broken. Somewhere along the line, lawmakers decided that it was OK to report that a crime was committed but […]

Gov. Jay Inslee’s statement on announcement of Senate transportation proposal


Posted Feb. 25, 2015 “ I want to thank Senate negotiators for their hard work and leadership on transportation. I’ve been advocating for a transportation package since my first day in office and I welcome this development. Overall, I believe the Senate has put forward a strong start. I appreciate that it funds safety and maintenance, completes projects, […]

Strong support voiced Overflow crowd ignites debate on Senate’s transportation package

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Strong support voiced  Overflow crowd ignites debate on Senate’s transportation package   Feb. 25, 2015   By Cooper Inveen WNPA Olympia News Bureau   OLYMPIA—The Senate’s new transportation package is being hailed for its bipartisan support, while some critics find aspects of it troubling.   The proposals were revealed on Feb. 12 after 22 months […]

Surplus state-held water rights targeted for irrigation, local uses

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Surplus state-held water rights targeted for irrigation, local uses   By Alice Day, Reporter WNPA Olympia News Bureau Feb. 25, 2015 OLYMPIA—Local communities could have more access to water if legislators succeed in implementing a new system of leasing surplus state-owned water rights.   A bill proposed by Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside, would require state […]

$15 billion bi-partisan Senate transportation plan unveiled


Feb. 23, 2015 By Cooper Inveen, Reporter WNPA Olympia News Bureau After 22 months of negotiations, four senators—two Republicans and two Democrats—have unveiled a $15 billion transportation package with an 11.7 cents-per-gallon gas tax increase at its revenue core. “It’s been a thorough and tough negotiation, but we did it with an honest appreciation for […]

Beyond McCleary Education opportunity: Equal but Unequal? Legislators tackling student-achievement gap


  Feb. 23, 2015 By Alice Day, Reporter WNPA Olympia News Bureau OLYMPIA—Advocates for minority and low-income students are urging legislators to take a closer look at the state’s McCleary obligation to ensure that all students are given equal and ample opportunity to achieve in school. One bill would require state agencies to assess the […]