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How to Join WNPA
Regular membership
is generally granted to newspapers that publish at least weekly and publish news of general public interest. Applicants must have published, regularly and consecutively, for at least six consecutive months prior to applying for membership. Additional criteria are described in the application.
Associate membership
is appropriate for publications not otherwise eligible for regular membership. Additional criteria are described in the application. Click the image below to download the PDF.

Affiliate membership
is available to persons or firms (businesses, professional groups or educational institutions) not actively engaged in publishing but having a genuine interest in the publishing business. It is also open to persons who formerly published or were closely associated with member publications and who retain an interest in the publishing business. Download our application.

Honorary life membership

is awarded to active publishers whose newspapers have been a regular member of WNPA for at least 35 years. It may also be awarded to other individuals, including retired publishers, at the discretion of the WNPA Board of Trustees.


Honorary Life Members

  • Tom & Anita Baker
  • William L. Bates
  • Dan Berentson
  • Debbie Berto
  • Tom Coad
  • Zane D. Cosby
  • Larry Duthie
  • John J. Flaherty
  • Jim Flint
  • Wallie Funk
  • Frank & Pat Garred
  • Dave Gauger
  • Patrick J. Graham
  • Jack Hilson
  • Mary Koch
  • Dan Leary
  • Margaret Lewis
  • Don Lindberg
  • Don & Char Miller
  • Richard W. Murfin
  • John U. Pavlik
  • Dave Pinkham
  • Jerry Robinson
  • Cliff Rowe
  • Alan & Barbara Thompson
  • Jane Turnbull Wray
  • Mrs. Rolfe W. Tuve
  • Mrs. A.J. Whitney
  • George Young
  • Scott Wilson
  • Jennifer James Wilson
  • Patrick J. Sullivan